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OMGEVING, together with Stefano Boeri Architetti, submitted a draft proposal for the Striga 4 tower in the sustainable new city district Nieuw Zuid in Antwerp. The design is a variant of the well-known typology of high-rise buildings. It is an urban tower with a rational structure embraced by a “body” that enters into a dialogue with its environment. In the proposed design, the interior space constantly aims to expand outward. A series of balconies and loggias constitutes a generous ‘middle ground’ and tries to fade the boundary between the inside and the outside.

The draft proposal consists of a smart application of variation in the building shape and envelope. The building does not strive to present itself as a unique and isolated high-rise element within the urban fabric, but as a pivot in a series of urban changes. A balance has been sought between the formal rigidity of a rectangular plan and the heterogeneity of a porous body, the rigor of flat surfaces, and the playful variations that arise by sliding the pixels in the desired composition.

title Striga 4
location Antwerp
client Triple Living
contact person Stefan Paeleman
status competition
period 2016
method of award closed competition
surface area 18.000 m² residential units, 2.825 m² communal space, 5.425 m² underground parking garage
schedule 203 apartments, underground parking garage, bicycle storage and communal spaces
tasks design
team Eef Van Meer, Elien Bourgeois, Glenn Somers, Marc Van Hove
project leader Eef Van Meer
partnership Stefano Boeri Architetti