Ten Bogaerde - Koksijde info

The abbey site Ten Bogaerde houses a rich and diverse monumental heritage, the oldest parts of which date from the 13th century. Following the approved landscape management plan of 2017, a number of design interventions have been proposed that will upgrade the site and that can be carried out in the short term. The most important design principle is to reinforce the spirit of the place once again, the so-called ‘genius loci’.

The inner courtyard of the abbey must be handled with great care due to the archaeological relics present. The design for the inner courtyard is therefore simple and responds with clear design lines to the impressive facades around the square. The historical location of the paths are the starting point for the new design. Based on historical research, a distinction was made between paved and integrally accessible paths and grass paths with stepping stones according to the route of the former paved and unpaved paths. The result is an informal, yet straightforward whole in which visitors can wander around to view works of art or to enjoy the serene and green historical site. The existing pond at the square will have softer banks to improve the habitat conditions for amphibians. At the same time, this intervention makes the current wooden fence superfluous, making the visual experience of the art piece within the water considerably higher.

title Abbey site Ten Bogaerde
location Koksijde
client municipality of Koksijde
contact Siska Stockelynck
phase start-up
period 2019-2020
surface area approximately 10 ha
schedule car free courtyard with seating options, reorganization public parking with integration of an overflow parking, revalidation vegetable garden, orchard and historical canal network
tasks design public space, construction, site supervision, participation process
project team Joke Vande Maele, Tompy Hoedelmans, Yuehan Yang
project manager Tompy Hoedelmans
awards 1st prize Winvorm