The Bluff - Ypres (Zillebeke) info

The Bluff is located in the Palingbeek provincial domain. The site was the scene of the feverish excavation of underground corridors and shafts, mine explosions, sabotage and attempts to eavesdrop on the enemy during World War One. As part of the 1914-1918 Memorial Park cultural tourism project, work was conducted on and around the site in order to improve access for visitors and make the unique landscape in which the war was waged identifiable.

From the parking area in the provincial domain, visitors are led down the old track to the site of the battle. The route starts at a covered information kiosk and the long deck path leads between the mine and bomb craters – now frequently filled with water – to create a very special experience. The path leads visitors to the Bluff, where the British held positions that were ten meters above ground level just 40 meters from the lower German line. At the summit one can see far over what was then a no man’s land.

The historic lock some 700 meters from the Bluff was named Gordon Post during the war and was used as a battalion headquarters and first aid station by the British forces. A suspension bridge across the canal at this point provides a unique view of the fern-covered lock and it also connects walking paths.

title The Bluff
location Ypres (Zillebeke)
client Province of West Flanders
status completed
period 2012-2015
budget € 500,000 excl VAT
surface area 20,000 m²
schedule deck paths, information kiosk, bridge across the old lock, viewpoint, reception area
tasks design, project file, site management
team Carolien Decq, Kevin Favere, Koen Moelants, Luc Wallays, Peter Seynaeve, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans