E17 TOTAL service station - Nazareth info

When it came to the landscaping of the Nazareth E17 service stations, the hallmarks of the area were drawn on – ‘landscape pockets’, lanes and paths. As a result of a subtle landscape interpretation, former landscape pockets could be restored and new ones created. This spatial segmentation also provides a logical basic organization for the service areas.

In order to have as little impact upon the landscape as possible, a compact incorporation of service station-related functions was opted for. The surplus/excess area no longer required as a rest spot is redesigned as a green area, connecting to the surrounding landscape. The buildings are positioned in such a way that the dominant lane-like structures remain visible. The pure and light design of the frame and the awning make sure that the landscape pockets remain tangible. In order to be recognizable on the highway, a seemingly floating frame reaches to the road. This makes the Nazareth service station a new beacon on the E17 highway.

The architectural interventions within this project were realised by OM/AR architecten performed under the name OMGEVING.

title E17 TOTAL service station
location Nazareth
client Total Belgium nv
status completed
period 2010-2015
method of award tender
surface area infrastructure northern site 39 ha, southern site 68 ha,
architectural design for northern site 2,917 m², for southern site 2,718 m²
schedule service station with restaurant, shop, sanitary facilities, rest areas
tasks design, project file, site management
team Dora Borghijs, Evy Depauw, Hans Sysmans, Karol Grygolec, Kevin Favere, Kristof D’Hooghe, Luc Wallays, Niki Van Turenhout, Peter Seynaeve, Piet Deruytter, Tom Beyaert in samenwerking met Lydia De Cocker (projectarchitect TOTAL)
project leader Peter Seynaeve
partnership Alpha Studieburo (stability, piping), Julie d’Aubioul (competition design), Istema (building installations), Polygongraphics (visualizations), Royal Haskoning (sustainability), Seco (safety coordination), Toegankelijkheidsbureau VZW
prizes 2010, tender finalist