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In the centre of Turnhout, a stone’s throw from the Grote Markt, a flourishing new district has taken shape: Turnova. The ambitious development of the former Brepols site plays a key role in strengthening Turnhout as a regional city. The project creates a true piece of the city, with old and new buildings, a mix of housing, trade, recreation and facilities, with public streets and squares and with connections to the surrounding streets and neighbourhoods.

The architecture was provided by Baumschlager-Eberle, Lens ass, B-architecten and Wit architecten. OMGEVING was responsible for the design of the public space and the construction of the project. The new public space blends the historical context and the various architectural expressions together in a new and lively city district.

title Turnova
location Turnhout
client TCB nv
contact person Marc Bouters
status completed
period 2008-2020
surface area 4 ha
schedule squares, streets, playgrounds, city furniture
tasks design, process, construction file, site supervision
budget € 1,900,000 excl VAT
project team Kristof de Bonte, Luc Wallays, Maarten Moers, Peter Seynaeve, Tine Daems
project leader Maarten Moers