Fortification ring Klatovy - Klatovy-Czech Republic info

Commissioned by the city of Klatovy, OMGEVING has worked out a strategy for a sustainable transformation of the fortification ring around the city together with local partner Třiarchitekti. Today, the busy, over-dimensioned ring road along the historic city wall is solely viewed from the perspective of motorized traffic and thus offers a poor first impression of this highly attractive and charismatic city. The city walls are also almost completely intact, but this exceptional quality is nowhere to be seen due to the parking dominance at many locations along the historic city wall.

OMGEVING’s proposal is based on halving the number of lanes on the western side of the ring road. The through traffic on this part of the ring is thus stimulated to use the express ring around the city. The widely spread parking spaces on the inside of the ring are also removed and clustered in pocket parking lots just outside the ring. With these interventions, a huge amount of space is created for greenery, water buffering and generous cycle paths. Where space permits, there is even a ring park that offers recreational functions such as play areas, resting points, terrace space etc. The historically valuable city wall is thus placed within the green, where it can be admired from a continuous cycle and walking path. This transformation reflects the ambition for a sustainable future for the entire city

This assignment is part of an ambitious project, divided into five areas to rethink large parts of the city. Together with Třiarchitekti, OMGEVING was selected for three of the five subareas.

client Fortification ring Klatovy
location Klatovy (Czech Republic)
client City of Klatovy
contact person Eva Brandová
status completed
period 2017-2018
surface area 12,5 ha
tasks transformation vision, strategy and conceptual design
project team Andries De Coninck, Carolien Decq, Peter Swyngedauw, Quoc Thang Trinh
project leader Peter Swyngedauw
partnership Třiarchitekti