Fish Market and Surrounding Area - Leuven info

The competition proposal of OMGEVING and De Urbanisten for the Open Call ‘Refurbishment of the Fish Market and Surrounding Area’ in Leuven was awarded first place by the jury.

In the proposal, the intrinsic relationship between the landscape of the Dijle Valley and the compact historical city centre of Leuven is used as an inspiration for a phased development plan. With a simple cut in the topography, a third dimension is created. The original location of the Dijle is uncovered as a straight and angular line on the urban side, while undulating and sloping on the park side. This way a central and peculiar destination is created to walk around, explore and relax. The relaxed atmosphere is reflected in the shape of the design which seeks to enhance the strength of the historical facades. On the north side, a green roof of trees softens the atmosphere, while it also provides shade on hot summer days. Unfortunately, the City of Leuven decided to discontinue the project after the competition phase.

title Fish Market and Surrounding Area
location Leuven
client City of Leuven
contact person Elke Raë
status first prize competition design
period 2017
schedule green central square, uncovering original location of the Dijle, surrounding streets
tasks design, technical detailing, site supervision
budget € 2,837,000 excl. VAT
project team Aljaz Babic, Amedeo Ardolino, Luc Wallays, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans
partnership De Urbanisten, Atelier Roland Jéol, D+A Consult