Corporate social responsibility

With its projects, OMGEVING tries to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment that surrounds us. Therefore, the office is primarily self-critical of the products and services it offers to its clients.

From an internal striving for sustainable operations, OMGEVING established a ‘Working Group on Sustainability’. The Group focuses on four themes: environment, employees, society and added value. Various actions in these areas are executed to refine and improve the sustainability of the enterprise. According to the advice of the Working Group on Sustainability:

  • the office is located in the immediate vicinity of the Antwerp-Berchem station
  • OMGEVING makes use of 100% green energy
  • the office invested in the purchase of a new 100% electric car
  • OMGEVING makes use of the services of a bike messenger, whenever possible, to deliver to its customers
  • outdated vehicles were replaced by memberships for Cambio car sharing and Blue-bike
  • OMGEVING is continuously working on becoming more energy efficient and focuses on purchasing sustainable products within the office
  • the office annually sponsors a relevant project in which one of its employees directly or indirectly is involved
  • a diversity charter was drawn, in which OMGEVING focuses on people from disadvantaged groups and international staff as a reflection of our society
  • the consumption of paper is being monitored and for printing FSC-certified paper produced in a CO² neutral manner and bleached totally chlorine-free is being used. The paper also has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
OMGEVING is convinced that better coordination of environmental, social and economic aspects not only contributes to a better environment, but also provides significant added value for customers. To meet these aspirations, the "sustainability framework” was developed. This is an internal working framework with numerous focus areas that help to achieve some predetermined sustainability objectives. The framework provides opportunities to proactively look for creative and effective design solutions to develop a sustainable overall concept. The sustainability framework is applicable to a variety of spatial issues at different scale levels and is structured around five objectives:
  • reducing greenhouse gas emission
  • preserving natural resources and open space
  • improving living and environmental quality
  • promoting social equity and cohesion
  • pursuit of economic and social added value.
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