Our mission

We shape the sustainable living environments of tomorrow, through resilient landscapes and vibrant urban environments, from sketch design to implementation and with a positive social impact.

We design resilient landscapes as a powerful response to the social challenges of tomorrow, such as climate change, declining biodiversity, decreasing water security, congested open space, and threatened heritage.

We create vibrant urban environments to tackle challenges such as increasing urbanisation, growing social inequality, and increasing mobility.

We opt for an integrated approach in which sustainability and the creation of social added value are a priority. To achieve this, we create and work in an innovative environment, a resilient environment and a cooperative environment.

We are committed to three core values: innovation, resilience and cooperation.

OMGEVING is an innovation hub

New ideas and concepts that are born within our innovation hub contribute to achieving our mission: shaping the sustainable living environments of tomorrow. We develop these ideas and concepts into successful, new or improved products, working methods or spatial solutions and integrate them into our operations and services.

We stimulate a working culture where everyone can deploy their talents from their own curiosity, creativity, interest or knowledge and develop them into ideas that lead to innovation in our projects and our operation. For us, training, knowledge sharing, and applied research are an absolute requirement for accelerating innovation to reach new insights.

We firmly believe that the most innovative ideas emerge from a multidisciplinary view and an understanding of societal trends. We find this expertise in an innovative (inter)national network. We attach great importance to exchanging knowledge and experience with the professional world, producers, (inter)national partners, and experts.

The innovative and creative ideas of our multidisciplinary team lead to sustainable and thoughtful designs.

OMGEVING is socially committed

We limit our impact on the living environment. OMGEVING conveys its social commitment as a climate-adaptive design office in projects as well as in the internal organisation. The infrastructure we use is smart and well thought out: the buildings and office equipment are responsible and do not have a negative impact on the climate. The choice of transport modes and the consideration given to travel are conscious. At the same time, we expects our employees to have a climate-adaptive design attitude.

We are a design office that makes a positive contribution to the living environment through our projects. Therefore, we create design solutions that improve the living environment in terms of climate, sustainability and social cohesion. Design solutions are contextual, insightful and future-proof. This commitment is embedded into every stage of the process, from research to design to implementation, and is also reflected in OMGEVING’s self-critical attitude towards the projects we take on and develop as a design office. We deliberately focus on projects that generate added value for society.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

OMGEVING cultivates cooperation

We embed our cooperative mindset in the organisation of the office through a transparent and low-threshold shareholder structure. In our horizontal oraganisational structure, dialogue and cross-pollination are key. As a cooperative organisation, we are a pioneer. Today, about half of the employees are partners. This ensures a high level of commitment: together we work towards our common mission and values.

In and between project teams we strive for optimal cooperation. Not one brain is responsible for the sophisticated result of a project, but rather the collaboration between many individuals. We embrace diversity and focus on developing talents in a secure OMGEVING. Everyone gets the opportunity to contribute to internal working groups to improve our work as well as our way of working.

From our cooperative, participative and inclusive mindset, we strategically choose our external partners who strengthen our collaborative operation.

Are you curious to see how our projects reflect these core values?