Abbey square Averbode

The past reflected in the future.
Scherpenheuvel - Zichem | BE
Norbertine Abbey
5.000 m²
reflecting pool, reception square, 11 parking places
EU rural development program (PDPO) subsidy, 2013 Publieke Ruimte prize

The design to relay the centuries old abbey square in Averbode aims to create a homogenous and tranquil courtyard, one that gains its strength from its simplicity.

The past is reflected in a contemporary manner. The highlight of the square is shaped by the large water feature built in the middle of the square in front of the church, reflecting the majestic baroque buildings in the thin water film. Thousands of tourists visit the abbey, and the reflecting pool encourages them to explore the courtyard and languish in the stunning decor.

The project was awarded the 2013 Publieke Ruimte prize and has been featured in many international books, magazines and websites.