A future-proof park with a high park experience.
Halle | BE
City of Halle
2020 - 2022
renewal and restoration of path structure, entrance plaza, lighting and benches

As a historic park in the inner city of Halle, Albertpark is characterised by a sloping relief with an organic path structure, a species-rich tree pattern, several monuments and several sightlines.
The ageing park had been identified as a strategic project in the ‘Landscape Park Halle’ study, also prepared by OMGEVING. The city therefore decided to start upgrading the Albert Park, in particular redesigning the park paths and installing high-quality park furniture. In the design process, special attention was paid to coordinating with the city and various stakeholders to come to a supported design proposal and final realisation.

The design proposal combines the historical upgrading of the park with its high-quality design as a contemporary park. The design provides coordination between park entrances and well-chosen seating areas in which concrete strips alternate with a continuous network of paths in permeable semi-paving, creating a strong but subdued material image throughout the park. Curved wooden benches with recessed lighting have been installed at the entrances and crossings in the park. The current greenery has been retained and enhanced with lush green borders.
The renewed path structure, comfortable seating areas and upgraded greenery make Albert Park a future-proof park with a high park experience.