Compact development Poederkot

Living in the wooded surroundings.
Herentals | BE
Family Van Schoubroeck
2017 - 2019
urban and typological architectural study, layout of project area, public domain, neighbourhood park

Following the Wuytsbergen-Ekelen structural sketch commissioned by the city of Herentals, the owner family of the Poederkot site commissioned OMGEVING to draw up a development plan for their property. Poederkot is the name of the central part of the Wuytsbergen-Ekelen district where a munitions factory used to be located. Today, this private residential area is almost completely forested. Within the afforestation, remnants of the old munitions factory can be found in the form of dilapidated bunkers.

Closely following the principles of the structure sketch, OMGEVING developed a detailed development plan for the Poederkot site. The development plan divides the planning area into two zones: building plots eligible for private development and Poeierbos, which will be transferred to the city in phases. Besides the design itself, devising a smart phasing and development strategy is a fundamental part of the assignment. Within the building plots, compact construction with contiguous rows of houses and apartment buildings is planned. Parking solutions are organised in clusters. All new housing units have a direct relationship with the wooded surroundings. OMGEVING makes suggestions for the layout of the Poeierbos. A selection of bunkers will be upgraded, some functional paths cut through the Poeierbos.