Ecorecreaduct ‘De Priorij’

Users of the bridge experience the crossing as a pleasant walk in nature.
Hoeilaart | BE
De Werkvennootschap
2018 - 2023
creation of better infrastructure increase livability, removal of landscape barriers, co-creation
SBE, NEY & Partners, D+A Consult, Hesselteer, MINT

The Nature and Forest Agency of the Flemish Government wants to further develop Groenendaal into one of the central hubs where people start and end their visit to the Sonian Forest. The Forest Museum, the reception gate in Groenendaal is already connected to the station today, but this bridge is too small for the number of users of the connection. Nearby, we are building another bicycle subway, cycle highway F205, a station car park and greening the station environment. This will only increase the pressure on the existing bridge. The construction of the ecorecovery viaduct will allow the Sonian Forest to develop ecologically, recreationally and in terms of cultural history.

Continuity and integration are central to the design of the ecorecovery viaduct. Both for its users (people and animals) and for the traffic passing underneath, the ecorecovery viaduct is designed to fit seamlessly into the existing environment.
This is why we use materials with a natural look, such as wood, weather-resistant steel and natural stone. In this way, users of the bridge do not experience the crossing as crossing the Ring Road, but rather as a pleasant walk in nature.