Green leaves Valencia

New cycling and walking paths bring residents to the city centre in 15 minutes.
Valencia | ES
City of Valencia
2023 - ...
90 ha
Peñín Arquitectos SLP, Quintana Seguí landscape, NADALVILLENA, Pablo Navarro Tena, CPS Infraestructuras Movilidad y Medio Ambiente
first prize international design competition

The green corridor covers a four-kilometre-long landscape park with three eco-neighbourhoods. The landscape park covers one and a half kilometres of train tracks and gradually phases out highway infrastructure, while the eco-neighbourhoods accommodate five thousand inhabitants.

Valencia, the European Green Capital 2024, is thus on the eve of the largest urban development project in 40 years, since the Turia river was transformed into a park, said the vice-mayor.
This ambitious project is in line with the vision to make Valencia a climate-robust 15-minute city. OMGEVING was able to convince the jury of the international design competition with its ‘Green Leaves Strategy’. The elongated landscape park forms the ‘main grain’ from which the surrounding neighbourhoods are systematically greened. This will give Valencia’s residents more cooling in the streets during heat waves and droughts. New cycling and walking paths bring residents to the city centre in 15 minutes via the green veins. With this, the southern part of Valencia is also initiating the modal shift to less car traffic. The three eco-neighbourhoods are connected to this green-blue mobility network and are at the forefront of the climate transition. The redevelopment of this part of town is therefore fully committed to sustainable mobility, climate adaptation, biodiversity, CO2 neutrality, circularity and affordable housing.

Drafting the master plan to refine the competition design will take at least a year.
OMGEVING can count on the support of a local team of ecologists, hydrologists, architects, landscape architects and co-creation specialists.