Landscape park Flemish Ardennes

Bringing a renewed landscape logic into the Flemish Ardennes.
Flemish Ardennes | BE
Province of East Flanders, Flemish Ardennes Regional Landscape
2022 - 2023
preparation and supervision of master plan and operational plan, supervision of participatory process

The landscape of the Flemish Ardennes harbours a unique individuality and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes in Flanders: springs on the slopes, family farms, handsome top-notch nature, bocage landscapes, picturesque villages and a rich past full of traditions, heritage and regional products. In addition, the Flemish Ardennes is a walhalla for cyclists and hikers. However, many of these qualities are under pressure due to an overly sectoral approach.

In order to further strengthen the identity of the Flemish Ardennes and at the same time provide an answer to the challenges the region is facing (disappearance of family agriculture, erosion, drought, loss of biodiversity, …) a master plan and operational plan were drawn up for the recognition of the region as a ‘Landscape Park’. With the Landscape Park Flemish Ardennes we want to support the current and next generation of soigneurs of the Flemish Ardennes to find an answer to increasingly complex challenges. With the master plan, we are bringing a renewed landscape logic into the Flemish Ardennes. A landscape system that focuses on resourcing, interweaving and reviving the landscape. The accompanying participatory process, consisting of workshops and working groups with many partners from the region, was a substantive guide for drawing up a future vision and an accompanying six-year action programme.