Moerman park

From hardscape to softscape.
Roeselare | BE
City of Roeselare
final design
2022 - 2024
approx 1ha
design of new urban park
VK architects+engineers

With its transformation into a climate-adaptive park, the Moerman parking lot offers opportunities for social interaction, sports and games. Through depaving, the parking lot transforms into a large cooling zone, a green-blue lung in line with the Ronde Kom and the Kleine Bassin, a short distance from the central shopping area.

The design chooses a solid urban foundation and is based on four basic principles. For example, the new park will be func-tioning as an ecological hotspot, where urban fauna & flora find their place. In addition, the park, located in the historic bed of the Sint-Amandsbeek, will act as a sponge that absorbs water during heavy rainfall and can therefore bridge longer periods of drought. The third principle is based on the underground and a well thought-out relief to limit earthmoving and create an attractive landscape. A people-oriented design is the last principle where both young and old feel welcome in the park!