Over the Ring

Towards a sustainable modal split and reconnected green areas.
Antwerp (Linkeroever) - Zwijndrecht | BE
Flemish government, Beleidsdomein Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken (MOW)
2017 - 2018
circa 700 ha
improve liveability, modal split 50/50, co creation
COBE, De Urbanisten

As part of the ‘Over the Ring’ project, the Antwerp ring has been divided into six zones: north, northeast, east, southeast, south and west. A design team was appointed for each zone. OMGEVING, together with the Danish architecture firm COBE and the Dutch design studio De Urbanisten is team West and was commissioned to research the liveability in the westernmost zone. Zone West consists of Linkeroever and the municipality of Zwijndrecht, the main challenge of which is to significantly improve the quality of life through strategic projects. After completing the ‘Over the Ring’ project, a selection will be made in all zones of the strategic projects which can continue on towards implementation. The selected projects will be realized simultaneously with the first phase of the works on the Oosterweel connection.

Team West offers solutions for the noise caused by the motorway, proposes measures that contribute to a more sustainable modal split and focuses on reconnecting the fragmented green areas. The design proposal for zone West therefore includes the integration of green verges against noise pollution, the development of a comfortable and rectilinear bicycle network, the construction of a 700-hectare city-regional park and the connection between the Left and Right banks via a new pedestrian bridge over the Scheldt.