Revival of site Van Marcke

A lively city district in which collectivity is key.
Kortrijk | BE
City of Kortrijk, De Weggevoerdenlaan Properties NV
in progress
urban and typological architectural research, division of project area, public space, neighbourhood park, development strategy
UAU Collectiv, Oriëntes, Sweco, Aavo, Ingenium

In the coming years, the design team OMGEVING – UAUcollectiv will be working on the Van Marcke site project in Kortrijk, which the team has won via Open Call. The study and design assignment consists of a masterplan and possible implementation projects for the Weggevoerdenlaan site in Kortrijk. The design proposal is not a traditional masterplan, but an experimental, generation-proof development strategy. The qualities present, the character of the existing structures and the specific topography create the perfect conditions to start from the existing situation and to apply sustainable principles of circularity, reuse and identity.

The unique position of one landowner offers the opportunity to (continue to) explore the project area as a whole, naturally including many stakeholders and users. A cooperative steers the development and is both an operational guide, an investment fund and a management group.

In order to maximise flexibility and legal certainty in the future, a clear, simple and flexible spatial framework has been worked out as a basis for all future developments within the Van Marcke site. The spatial framework has been shaped from the concept of urban rooms and public joints. The urban rooms are the development fields, starting from the existing buildings and transforming over time through changing uses and evolving architecture. The public joints are the public spaces between the various urban rooms. They interconnect the various urban rooms and anchor the Van Marcke site within the surrounding urban fabric of Kortrijk.

In the future, the Van Marcke site will become a lively city district in which collectivity is key.