Ring Road R0 East

Better cycling infrastructure and optimal landscape integration.
Brussels | BE
De Werkvennootschap
2018 - 2024
improving accessibility, increasing liveability, removing landscape barriers, cocreation
SBE, NEY & Partners, D+A Consult, Hesselteer, MINT

OMGEVING, as partner of the THV Zoniën Mobiel, was selected to redevelop the eastern part of the Brussels ring road. In the THV Zoniën Mobiel, four design and engineering firms join forces: OMGEVING is responsible for the vision and design, SBE provides the engineering component, NEY & Partners offers their expertise for the architecture of the structures and D+A Consult takes on the technical detailing. The team is further strengthened by MINT’s mobility expertise and Hesselteer’s ecological consultancy. The target image study R0 East 2005-2006, drawn up by OMGEVING and MINT, forms the basis for this project. The vision and design of that time will be updated and further elaborated towards implementation. The R0 East study is part of the broader programme of Working on the Ring by De Werkvennootschap. In the first phase of the project, the team is working on 44 projects aimed at improving accessibility, increasing liveability and eliminating landscape barriers.

After the first phase of the study in the R0 East area (this is the part of the ring road around Brussels from Wezembeek to Groenendaal and the E411 from Auderghem to Overijse), the Flemish government approved a package of measures, called ‘Quick Wins’, to bring about sustainable modal shift in the region. The package consists of some targeted, short-term design interventions that focus on the slow road user. In addition, public transport, ecology, road safety and livability in the surrounding residential areas also determine the first implementation projects. In the next phases, the major traffic complexes, in particular the Leonard intersection, the Vierarmen intersection, the Groenendaal intersection and the new entrance/exit complex at Jezus-Eik will also be elaborated. These complexes are currently going through a GRUP procedure.