Spatial policy plan Geel

A long-term strategic vision with a wish list 2040.
Geel | BE
City of Geel
2014 - today
guidance on drafting policy plan, design research

OMGEVING guided and supported the town of Geel in the drafting of its spatial policy plan. This policy plan outlines the spatial development of the municipal territory. Even before the introduction of this planning figure by decree, the Geel town council was the first municipality in Flanders to approve the policy plan on space and liveability as a guideline for the spatial policy to be implemented.

The plan contains a long-term strategic vision with a wish list 2040. A number of policy frameworks that guide the day-to-day policy implementation and a clear action programme for the period 2018-2026. The versatility of the city, the liveability of the villages, the resilience of public space, mobility and sustainable business activity are the key elements for which a separate, independently readable policy framework has been prepared. The open space policy framework is currently being drafted.

OMGEVING’s role was in process supervision and substantive support for the municipal departments. By means of design research in, among others, the sub-core areas Ten Aard, Stelen and Winkelomheide and the station area of Geel, qualities and opportunities were visualised in an attractive way. The plan was partly developed in a co-creative process with input from residents and other stakeholders, via village debates, info markets and via an online platform.