Upgraded station area

The rediscovery of the water-rich valley.
Liedekerke | BE
Roads and Traffic Agency, municipality of Liedekerke, NMBS Holding, Infrabel
2010 - 2018
5 ha
town balcony, station balcony, maximum water buffering and nature development in the Bogijnen Canal valley, bicycle bridge, bicycle storage pavilion, station building
D+A consult, SBE, Mint

The upgrade of the Liedekerke station area allowed a comprehensive transformation of the drab location into an appealing traffic and residential hub. To the south of the station the new Affligemsestraat stretches like a low bridge between two urban balconies. Standing on the station balcony, with the new station building, bus shelters at the bus station, benches and other features, the visitor looks out over the water-rich valley of the Bogijnen Canal. A neat wall of gabions borders the balcony, dealing with the height difference and protecting against the disturbance of the natural watery environment of the valley.

Towards the town center, on the other side of the valley, the town’s balcony edged by an identical wall forms the counterbalance for the station balcony. The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge starts at the town balcony and connects the center of Liedekerke with the station.