Vibrant village centre Wechelderzande

The revaluation of the village centre by and for people.
Lille | BE
Municipality of Lille
2015 - 2016
participation, analysis and knowledge building, vision creation, design research and drafting of master plan

OMGEVING and Lille City Council have worked together with the residents of Wechelderzande to draw up a wish list for the future development of the village centre. The wish image is a coherent vision to make the core more attractive, both to live and work in and to stay in. With its history as a painter, its patrimony full of character and its village character, Wechelderzande has many assets that are seized upon in the ideal to develop into an attractive village.

The Wechelderzande Idea came about after an intensive participatory process. By working with a ‘talk street’ and two village debates, the population was involved interactively. This input from all kinds of stakeholders ensures a good foundation for the ideal and broad support within the village centre.