Vision public space

The 'coolest' city centre in the Netherlands.
Arnhem | NL
City of Arnhem
2023 - today
drawing up a vision public space and cool network

The city of Arnhem appointed OMGEVING to draw up the vision for public space in the city centre. Public space plays a crucial role in the attractiveness, quality and liveability of Arnhem’s city centre. Today, public space is insufficiently prepared for the changing climate. The inner city is the hottest place in Arnhem and there is flooding during heavy rainfall. In addition, its appearance leaves much to be desired. It is characterised by a mishmash of materials, furniture, styles and too large areas of paving. Arnhem’s characteristic green DNA is insufficiently visible.

The various tasks that come together in the city centre are seen as the perfect opportunity to make Arnhem ‘the coolest city centre in the Netherlands’. By greening the public space, both the identity of the city centre and the quality of life can be enhanced. This by adding green spaces in the overly paved city centre.

The cool network could be a first step towards ‘the coolest city centre in the Netherlands’. The network consists of sheltered, shaded routes and cool spots and passes by the crusial spots in the city that have a clear climate challenge (heat, flooding). By gradually greening the city centre, by greening streets, inner areas, roofs, etc., the temperature in the city centre will eventually drop and the quality of life will increase. This will also make the Arnhem DNA visible in the city centre.