The reopening of the Dijle river.
Mechelen | BE
De Vlaamse Waterweg nv, city of Mechelen
2013 - 2018
square, banks of the Dijle rive

De Vlaamse Waterweg nv and the city of Mechelen had an ambitious plan to reopen the Binnendijle tributary of the Dijle river at Zandpoortvest. The OMGEVING proposal focused on a casual experience and use of the banks of the Binnendijle.

On the south side of the reopened Dijle river, the embankment re-laid with blocks of granite offers a beautiful view of the gentle embankment that is covered in flowers. The transit purpose of the area on this side of the river overrides the visiting purpose. A large solitary tree along the palisade highlights the green character of the location.

On the northern bank of the Dijle, a number of stately trees have been planted in an informal arrangement on the new entry square to the high school building. Natural stone steps lead from this square to a sunken landing. This lower square is flanked by sit-stairs that extend across the entire length of the exposed watercourse. The stairs are an attractive place to sit beside the river and they adjoin the green embankment with its adjacent riparian zone.