Ecological urban park Vlasakker

An important ecological link in Hoog Kortrijk.
Kortrijk | BE
biodiverse parks
City of Kortrijk
2021 - 2024
17 ha
City of Kortrijk, Karel Debedts

The ecological urban park ‘Vlasakker’ is a parkland of 17 hectare that makes an important green, ecological link in Kortrijk’s supra-local open space network. It acts as the green foundation for the aspired green ‘one campus model’ for the various educational institutions present on the site. During the design process special attention was given to the coordination with the city and various stakeholders in order to achieve a supportive design proposal and final realisation.

The design proposal builds on existing landscape and ecological qualities. It chooses to preserve and strengthen the northern, historically open agricultural area containing ecologically rich meadows and, the southern forested area around the existing water buffer.

In the new park design the ecological upgrading of the area is combined with high-quality park functions. The various green spaces are connected by a logical network of permeable pathways, creating a coherent park entity. Multiple seating areas have been integrated at the park entrances as well as in the parkland. A wooden walking deck wanders through the open meadows and a wooden sitting deck at the water buffer provides a unique park experience.

The preservation and reinforcement of the ecological green structure, the integration of comfortable seating areas and soft-recreational functions make the ecological urban park ‘Vlasakker’ a future-proof, biodiverse park with a high park experience.